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preppy_sales's Journal

Preppy Sales
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I am creating this community in the hopes that people would like to connect to others who love everything and anything preppy, and would like to buy, sell, and swap their preppy paraphanalia :) Due to the lack of preppy communities and lack of posting in communities on lj, I created this in hopes that it will be active and successful. Only time will tell! Tell anyone who you think might be interested.

Clothing, shoes, accessories, books, sporting goods, decor..anything really, as long as it's preppy!

Post your sale, want, swap, inquiry, or any good or new buys! Hopefuly this will not only be limited to sales, but for sharing shopping stories, purchases, wish lists, sale/promotion info, etc.!

The brands: Not limited to, but these are the main ones.
-Lilly Pulitzer
-Ralph Lauren
-J. Crew
-Eliza B.
-CK Bradley
-Vineyard Vines
-Brooks Brothers
-Cape Madras
-The North Face
-LL Bean
-Seven Jeans
-Banana Republic
-Lands End
-Vera Bradley (I, and a ton of other reliable gals have sold lots of things at Vera_Sales and Vera_Bradley, check it out!)
-Collegiate apparel
-Pearl, silver, or tiffany jewelry.
-Anything madras, tweed, argyle, monogrammed or grosgain!

The rules:
-You must have feedback on ebay or somewhere else
-Paypal is preferred since it's easy, quick and can be monitered. Checks, cash and money orders are ok if you are willing to accept them and the possible risks they pose. Use your own discretion.
-Be nice and don't jip anyone :)
-Limit it to preppy things! If you're looking to get rid of goth boots or glittery baby phat pants, this is not the place. There are plenty of other selling communitites out there.
-You can post a sales ad or a want ad, if you are looking for something in particular.
-All pictures should be behind a cut if they are large or if it is more than one picture.
-Please, no Hollister, Abercrombie, American Eagle, or Aeropostale.